July 5, 2017

Have you missed us? After a month’s break, PR is back and this time, Hayden is joined by podcaster Dave Probert and film director Simon Dymond as they look back on the latest film in the 007 canon, SPECTRE.


But what did the boys make of a film that included an iconic villain, Bond in the snow, more MI6 involvement, a henchmen straight from the classic era and an Oscar winning title theme? You’ll have to listen to find out!


We also announce our next listener’s vote...the Villains! Please let us know your top 5 and the results shall be announced on Bank Holiday Weekend in August! The vote is open until 31st July.


DISCLAIMER: Due to a fault with our recording equipment, this episode has been sewn together using back-up files, so audio quality may be variable. Please don't let it put you off the episode, even if Hayden does sound like he is recording from a paper cup in the other corner of the room, regardless of quality of audio track we shall be back to normal next time. 


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